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Butterfly Cannon Tequila: Super-Premium Tequila Of A Different Color

As you relax with a cocktail on warm summer days, the eye-catching colors of the handsome bottles of The Butterfly Cannon Tequila promise more than other Tequilas.

The naturally colored and flavored contents are not just exciting on the palate; they’re a striking gift for any lover of tequila.

The Butterfly Cannon is a new approach to Tequila*: a super-premium Tequila made from 100% blue agave and produced at Mexico’s most awarded distillery, Destiladora del Valle de Tequila.

The brand also has a mission: to conserve the Monarch butterfly (photo #5), which is in peril. You can read more about it below.

Now, take a sip with us!

The Butterfly Cannon Tequila, made in three expressions, takes its name from the migration of butterflies from the U.S. to Mexico. The tequilas are:

  • Cristalino, a fresh, crisp silver Tequila aged for up to 30 days in barrels before being charcoal filtered. Like conventional silver Tequilas, it is clear.
  • The Butterfly Cannon Blue, infused with prickly pear and clementine plus a natural blue color extracted from beets. The vivid blue color of the bottle is actually the color of the Tequila. And surprise: It turns pink when combined with mixers like soda, tonic, or a squeeze of citrus juice.
  • The Butterfly Cannon Rosa, made by infusing Mexican pink grapefruit peel into the Cristalino Tequila.
  • All are made from 7- to 8-year-old blue agave plants, harvested by hand and baked in traditional steam ovens before being mashed, fermented, and distilled.
  • All are 40% A.B.V. / 80 proof.
    So sip them on the rocks, mix them with soda or tonic, and enjoy them in your favorite Tequila cocktails.

    Both the Margarita and the Paloma cocktails in the photos contain citrus juice that will turn the Blue Tequila shades of violet and pink.

    > Two recipes, for Blue and Rosa Tequilas, are below.

    The Butterfly Cannon Tequila is packaged to please, in distinctive 750ml bottles, sealed with a cork. The capsules are decorated with butterflies.

    There’s also a sampler set of 50ml bottles, one of each expression.

    All three expressions are available at Sidewalk Spirits, Blackwell Wines, and elsewhere online.

    > National Tequila Day is July 24th.

    > The different types (expressions) of Tequila.

    > The history of Tequila.

    Yes, the Tequila really is as blue as the bottle.
    Ingredients Per Drink

  • 2 ounces The Butterfly Cannon Tequila Blue
  • 1 ounce orange liqueur (Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, etc.)
  • 2 ouncees fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • Club soda
  • Ice
  • Garnish: orange slice

    1. COMBINE the tequila, orange liqueur, and fresh lime juice in a shaker. Shake and pour over ice in a rocks glass.

    2. TOP off with a splash of soda and serve with an orange slice.

    Butterfly Rosa, infused with Mexican pink grapefruit peel, begins with a hint of grapefruit flavor in addition to the lovely rosy color.
    Ingredients Per Drink

  • 1 ounce The Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila
  • 3 ounces tonic water
  • Ice
  • Garnish: grapefruit slice, rosemary sprig

    1. COMBINE the tequila and tonic water over ice in a stemmed glass. Stir lightly.

    2. GARNISH with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of grapefruit.


    The Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila Bottle & Margarita
    [1] The Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila and a Blue Margarita. The recipe is below (photos #1, #2, #3, and #4 © The Butterfly Cannon).

    The Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila Bottle & Cocktail
    [2] The Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila with tonic water. The recipe is below.

    The Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila Paloma Cocktail
    [3] The Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila and a Paloma cocktail. Just add grapefruit juice!

    The Butterfly Cannon Tequila Expressions
    [4] The expressions of The Butterfly Cannon Tequila.

    Monarch Butterfly On A Flower
    [5] A Monarch butterfly hovering over a flower (photo © Suzanne D. Williams | Unsplash).


    The Butterfly Cannon tells us that Eastern migratory Monarch butterflies have a unique lifestyle. American Monarchs go through three regenerations, laying their eggs in milkweeds.

    They then migrate all through the U.S., and then via Texas into Northern Mexico, where they overwinter in trees for around five months.

    But the butterfly has declined in recent decades, partly because the widespread adoption of herbicide-resistant corn and soybean has nearly eliminated common milkweed from crop fields in the Midwest.

    Sadly, more and more of their habitat in Mexico is being destroyed by intensive farming as well (here’s more about it).

    Butterfly Cannon Tequila donates to the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, which aims to conserve the magic of the Monarch migration.

    *Tequila is capitalized because it is the name of a town. The capitalization of proper names continues with products named after them: Bourbon, Burgundy, Champagne, Belgian waffles, and French fries.





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