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Enjoy The Nobel Prize Winners Banquet In Stockholm

You most probably will never get a Nobel Prize, but you can dine on the same food served at the awards dinner. Just head to Stockholm.

The 2021 Nobel Banquet, celebrating the year’s Nobel laureates, takes place annually on December 10th.

Each year’s banquet has a unique gourmet menu with Scandinavian accents.

You can view the menus dating back to 1901, the first year the prizes were awarded (excepting the war years and 2020, when Covid-19 canceled the banquet).

Since 1934, the banquet has been held in the Blue Hall of Stockholm’s City Hall, which seats 1,300 guests.

You too can feast in City Hall—although not on the same day, and not in the same room.

Instead, you can enjoy the banquet at The Stadshuskällaren, the City Hall Cellars (which is, as the name says, in the cellar of City Hall).

The restaurant features menus from years past—for example, the main dish from the Nobel banquet of 2017, saddle of lamb and bilberry bavaroise.

Want a dish that fêted one of your Nobel heroes?

Fans of Gabriel García Márquez can have the banquet from 1982 (including Arctic char in dill cream sauce and Nobel ice cream).

Marie Curie devotees can toast her 1911 chemistry prize by dining on fonds d´artichauts duchesse and poularde fermière (artichoke bottoms “duchess-style” and farm chicken).

Want to make your own Nobel Prize dinner at home?

Pick your birth year, pick specific winners, create the dinner on whatever theme you like.

You’ll have to create the recipes, though: The menus are given, but that’s all—except there are beautiful photographs of the dishes from the more recent years.

By the way, The Stadshuskällaren serves à la carte, a tasting menu and Nobel menus for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

Stadshuskällarens, a classic Christmas smorgasbord (buffet) is served this year from December 3rd to December 19th.

The buffet is divided into three parts:

  • A buffet of pickled herring and cold meats.
  • Hot dishes.
  • A “gottebord” of sweets and cookies.
    The whole restaurant is dressed for Christmas. The historic room is decorated with Christmas flowers, garlands, Christmas trees, and trimmings.

    Ready to head for the airport?

    The Nobel Prize is an international award administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, and based on the fortune of Alfred Nobel, Swedish inventor and entrepreneur.

    Each prize consists of a medal, a personal diploma, and a cash award.

    A person or organization awarded the Nobel Prize is called Nobel Prize laureate. The word “laureate” refers to being signified by a laurel wreath.

    In ancient Greece, laurel wreaths were awarded to victors as a sign of honor.

    There are 6 prize categories: Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Physics, Peace, and Physiology or Medicine.

    Since the awards began in 1901:

  • There have been 609 awards granted to 975 laureates. Here they are.
  • Women have received 58 awards. Organizations have received 25 awards.
  • The youngest laureate was 17. The oldest laureate was 97.
    Discover more about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize at NobelPrize.org.


    [1] 2019 starter: kalix vendace roe with cucumber, pickle-poached kohlrabi, creamy dill and a horseradish sauce (all photos © NobelPrize.org.).

    [2] 2019 dessert: raspberry mousse, dehydrated chocolate mousse, raspberry kissel and raspberry sorbet.

    [3] 2018 starter: lightly baked Arctic char with crayfish broth, dill seed-infused onion, lightly smoked trout roe, crispy potato and watercress foam.

    [4] 2018 dessert: medley of apples, with caramelised Frida apples from Österlen, apple sorbet, vanilla custard, caramel sauce and oat crumbs.

    [5] 2017 main: crispy saddle of lamb, potato terrine with Svedjan crème, yellow beet, salt-baked celeriac, apple salad and rosemary-spiced lamb gravy (photo Dan Lepp).


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