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Watercolor Snacks: How To Paint Your Favorite Foods

[1] A book for anyone who wants to paint food (photos #1, #3, #4 © Rocky Nook).

[2] Create lovely watercolors of your favorite foods (photo Pinterest).


Here’s an interesting gift for a food lover who’s artistic, or who wants to try being so. Watercolor Snacks: Inspiring Lessons for Sketching and Painting Your Favorite Foods, says it all.

Author Volta Voloshin-Smith has a large fan base of students who take her watercolor painting classes online and in person.

The first-ever watercolor food guide, this book makes it easy to create watercolor paintings of your favorite foods.

It’s for food lovers, beginning artists, experienced painters ready to explore a fun new subject (food!), and anyone who wants to explore the world of watercolors through easy exercises.

Here are comments from a fan who purchased the book:

“Painting can be a bit intimidating, but this book makes it fun! Great for a beginner or any artist—the step-by-step instructions have you painted pancakes and pizzas with confidence.

“The book features detailed tutorials on many popular foods, including boba tea, avocado Toast, ramen, donuts, croissants, and popcorn.

“The tutorials include fully illustrated steps and a key to the needed paint colors.

“(Also love that the food tutorials are organized by meals!)”

[Source: Amazon]

There are how-to lessons for 30 foods from breakfast to dessert.

Are you ready to create beautiful, delicious-looking paintings?

Get the book here.





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