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Use Frozen Grapes For Ice Cubes

This tip falls in the “food fun” category.

Some of us keep grapes in the freezer as snacks.

The icy grapes are like sorbet with no sugar added.

The grapes have enough natural sugar, and enough water, to create the “sorbet” effect.

You can be satisfied with a few frozen grapes, as opposed to digging into a pint of sorbet or ice cream.

But frozen grapes have another use: as “ice cubes.”

You can freeze grapes to chill wine, iced tea or sparkling water. (It’s best that the drink be pre-chilled.)

Either during or after the drink is finished, the grapes are an extra treat. You can serve the drink with a cocktail pick to spear the grapes.

1. BUY the largest grapes you can find. Pull them off the stems and rinse them in a sieve. Turn out onto a paper towel, pat gently and allow to dry naturally. Then, if you have space…

2a. PLACE the grapes in a single layer on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Freeze until firm, then transfer to a heavy-duty plastic bags or an airtight container and return to the freezer. Otherwise, just…

2b. PLACE the dry grapes in plastic bags or airtight container and return to the freezer. You’ll have to pry them apart when ready to use, but it’s easy to do.

Here’s another way to have ice cube fun: flavored ice cubes.

You can freeze fruits within an ice cube—not just grapes but raspberries, small strawberries, mint leaves and lemon peel curls or small wedges.

For savory drinks, you can use herbs or small vegetables like grape tomatoes, cucumber pieces, olives or lemon curls in the cubes.

See photo #3, below.

Here are more tips. Bottoms up!


[1] Frozen grapes (photo © Mike Kenneally | Unsplash).

[2] Table grapes meet their cousin, wine grapes—after they’ve been fermented into alcohol (photo © Bon Voyaged).

[3] Ice cubes with fruit, herbs and vegetables (photo © Let’s Mingle).


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