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Glenmorangie Original 10-Year-Old Scotch & Giraffe Gift Tin

Glenmorangie’s stills are the tallest in Scotland—as tall as an adult giraffe!

Such tall stills create more space for taste and aroma to imbue the spirit.

The “giraffe-tall” stills are why they company has chosen to support Africa’s giraffes.

The iconic species needs help to conserve dwindling numbers for the next generation

Each purchase of Glenmorangie’s Original Gift Tin will support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. It’s a gift with a bonus give-back to make the recipient feel even better.

Not to mention the beautiful “keeper” tin, with cut-outs patterned after giraffes.

It’s a beautiful gift, for $39.99.

Buy it here.

And if you don’t want Scotch but do want to help the giraffes, head here.

First released more than 175 years ago, Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old has long been known for its mellow tones and delicacy of flavor.

The Giraffe Gift Tin, a special packaging, includes a 750ml bottle of Glenmorangie Original 10-Year-Old Scotch.

The metal is laser cut with a pattern of giraffe patches (spots).

The Bourbon Cask Matured Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is the original expression of the distillery’s elegant, floral spirit.

The casks are American white oak and have been (as the name indicates) previously used in Kentucky to age Bourbon. Bourbon cask aging adds notes of citrus (orange), honey, vanilla and a burst of peach sweetness.

Enjoy it:

  • Straight.
  • On the rocks.
  • With a splash of water.
  • With a splash of ginger ale.
  • With club soda.
    > Here’s more about Glenmorangie, including a broad selection of expressions.

    > The different types of whiskey.

    > The difference between “whiskey” and “whiskey.”


    [1] Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old Scotch in a keepsake giraffe tin (all photos © Glenmorangie).

    [2] The beautiful giraffe, which ranges from 15 to 18+ feet in height.

    [3] Glenmorangie pot stills: at 16 feet and 10 inches, they’re as tall as giraffes.



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