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Zuzu Sparkling Cocktails In Calamansi & Passionfruit Flavors

Zuzu is a sparkling cocktail made with 100% agave* spirit and fresh citrus juice. And it’s just 90 calories per 250ml (8.4 ounces), 5g sugar, and 5% A.B.V.† (10 proof). That’s about half the A.B.V. of a glass of white wine. So in addition to being delicious, Zuzu is refreshing and elegant.

The sparkling drinks, in Passion Fruit and Calamansi Lime, have:

  • Zero cholesterol, fat, saturated fat or trans fat
  • 30 mg sodium
    Zuzu is part of the trend towards lower alcohol refreshments. The drinks are all natural ingredients, with no preservatives.

    It’s great at the end of the day, to open a bottle, put on some music and relax.

    We’re big fans and highly recommend Zuzu—as an upcoming Mother’s Day treat or gift, or for any day when you’d like some sophisticated, sparkling refreshment.

    While some ingredients are imported, Zuzu is 100% U.S.-made. First, 100% pure agave spirit is distilled using the agave juice (or aguamiel) extracted from the organic agave plants of a family farm outside of Jalisco, Mexico.

    The product is produced in Missouri. Calamansi juice, passion fruit purée, sparkling water and a dash of organic agave syrup are mixed with the agave juice, and bottled.

    The bottles are then “tunnel pasteurized,” a hot water bath that protects the nuances of flavor and effervescence, but renders the drink shelf stable for more than a year.

    Discover more at DrinkZuzu.com.

    Here’s a store locator in the New York area, for in-store purchase or delivery.

    Here’s how to order it online.

    Citrus x Citrofortunella mitis, known as the calamansi or calamondin lime in the U.S., is also known as the Chinese, or China, orange; the Panama orange; golden lime; and the scarlet lime.

  • In the Philippines, it is known as kalamondin, kalamunding, kalamansi, calamansi, limonsito, or agridulce.
  • Malayan names include limau chuit and limau kesturi (“musk lime”).
  • In Thailand, it is ma-nao-wan.
    The rind color can be green or orange (photo #1), even variegated (photo #5); but the flesh inside is always orange in color.

    The orange versions, with orange rind and flesh, are sometimes mistakenly called calamondin oranges.

    The juice is very acidic juice, leading to wide culinary use.

  • People with access to calamansi limes use them in cranberry sauce, chutney and marmalade.
  • Wedges are served with iced tea, seafood and meats, and were commonly served with beverages in Florida before limes became widely cultivated.
  • The preserved peel is added as flavoring to other fruits stewed or preserved; the juice is used in beverages, gelatin dishes and custard pie or chiffon pie.
    In the U.S., the domestic calamonsi crop is grown in Central Florida, yielding abundant fruit throughout the year. They can also grow in Arizona, California, Louisiana and South Texas.

    *Different varieties of agave are used to make mezcal and tequila.

    †According to the National Institute Of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the typical pour of wine (an average of both red and white) is 5 ounces of wine, which is typically about 12% alcohol [source].


    [1] Zuzu refreshing sparkling cocktails are available in two flavors, Calamansi Lime and Passion Fuit (photos #1, #2 and #3 © Zuzu).

    [2] The bottles are ready-to-drink cocktails for guests…and certainly, for yourself!

    [3] A passion fruit, also spelled passionfruit.

    [4] Calamondin / calamonsi limes. The rind can be green or orange—or variegated, as in the next photo. But the fruit inside is always orange (photo Fotolia).

    [5] A variegated variety of calamansi / calamondin limes (photo © Specialty Produce).



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