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A Mimosa Cocktail Bar For Brunch, New Year’s Eve, More

[1] A Mimosa with orange juice, plus Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit and Mango Mimosas (photo © Pampered Chef).

[2] Transfer the juices into carafes before adding them to the ice bucket. Amazon has four 750ml carafes for less than $30.

[3] A Grapefruit Mimosa is special when made with pink grapefruit juice. Here’s the recipe from A Classic Twist.


For New Year’s Eve and other festive occasions, many people enjoy a glass of bubbly, or a cocktail made with sparkling wine.

We love self-service: Less work for the host.

So we are thankful to Pampered Chef for this idea—and for all of their wonderful kitchen accessories that make entertaining so much easier.

The Mimosa is a popular cocktail that has been on cocktail menus for some 93 years.

A related drink, the Buck’s Fizz, was first served in 1921 at London’s Buck’s Club, made by a barman named McGarry.

It was invented as an excuse to begin drinking early; hence no hard spirits but a blend of sparkling wine and orange juice. The ratio was two parts Champagne to one part juice.

No one knows if a bartender in Paris named Frank Meier knew about the London drink, but the Mimosa appeared circa 1925 at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris. It was named for the color of yellow mimosa blossoms*.

Less potent than a Buck’s Fizz, the Mimosa has more juice: equal parts orange juice and Champagne or other dry, white sparkling wine.

Here’s more history of the Mimosa.

For parties, have some fun with it and let your guests make their own Mimosa variations.

In addition to orange juice, this bar recommendation offers three variations: grapefruit, and pomegranate juices (photo #1).

Unless you’re flush with extra cash, don’t use Champagne: Its nuanced flavors will get lost in the juice. There are excellent bubblies at half the price.

TIPS: The best juices make the best cocktails. Fresh-squeezed is great.

For something special, substitute blood orange juice for conventional orange juice and pink grapefruit juice for white.

You’ll also want carafes for the juice. Here’s a nice four-pack for less than $30 (be sure to get the 750ml size).

Ingredients For 8 Drinks

  • 1 bottle (750 mL) chilled Cava, Prosecco, or other dry sparkling wine
  • 4 bottles juice (24 ounces each), chilled: mango nectar, orange, pink grapefruit, pomegranate
  • Club soda and ginger ale for non-alcoholic options
  • Optional: grenadine for those who want to shake some in the orange or grapefruit juice
  • Garnishes: orange wedges, strawberries, red seedless grapes, all notched for the glass rim

    1. SET up the “bar” with glasses, napkins and garnishes. When ready to serve…

    2. OPEN the wine bottle(s) and juices and place them in an ice bucket filled with ice cubes (the larger the cubes, the slower they melt).

    *Some shrubs have pink or purple blossoms.



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