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PRODUCT & GIFT: Difference Coffee, Nespresso-Compatible Capsules

Here’s a luxurious gift for yourself or for a coffee-loving friend or family member.

Difference Coffee is a premier delivery program that sells the finest-coffee capsules in the world. The capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines.

The company was created after the entrepreneurial founder bought a Nespresso machine.

After tasting all the different Nespresso capsules, he wanted something more. He felt that, good as Nespresso coffee might be, there was something better to be had.

He decided to pursue small artisan growers, those with the terroir and attention to their crops that larger enterprises, that were not pursued by companies the size of Nespresso.

In fact, the total crop size of some of these artisan coffees is just 50 pounds a year!

Understandably, these are not inexpensive capsules. They are rare coffees you will not find anywhere else.

Different lots are priced according to the auction price of the coffee. You may pay two or three times the price of a Nespresso capsule.

But that can still be less than what you would pay for an [not-as-good] espresso at a café or restaurant.

In fact, the capsules are used in some of the world’s finest restaurants, including 30 with Michelin stars. It has been selected by the most revered chefs, including Sat Bains, Alain Passard, Anne-Sophie Pic and Guy Savoy.

And keep in mind: You don’t need to use Difference Coffee for your four cups a day. Enjoy it on weekends, on special occasions, or at the start of a day when you feel like treating yourself.

Specialty coffee accounts for only about 1% of the world’s best coffees.

The coffees are graded according to a 100-point system created by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Difference Coffee is committing to sourcing the top 1% of that 1%. That’s some pretty rare coffee!

How does a coffee seller get hold of it? Simply outbid everyone else at the wholesale auctions where the coffee beans are sold.

That makes Difference Coffee the highest-paying coffee company in the world, to farmers in the Third World. That delivers the finest coffee to the customer.

The coffee farmers benefit too, often getting paid hundreds of times more than what the average farm would earn for coffee.

While the process begins with sourcing the best beans, the next step is to roast it better than most companies can.

Difference Coffee works with Master Roaster Jonny England, one of only four fully-licensed Coffee Quality Graders in the world and also head judge for the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup.

The last leg of the journey is delivering fresher coffee to customers. Lots of beans are roasted every month, placed into capsules and promptly shipped out.

There are a variety of selections, depending on what has been acquired at auction. Currently available are:

  • Cup Of Excellence Rwanda
  • Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf
  • Hawaii Kona Champion
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain
  • Panama Geisha
  • Wild Kopi Luwak
    Check the website for the descriptions of each.

    Then, get ready to join the Club!


    [1] Difference Coffee is top drawer, including the elegant presentation (all photos © Difference Coffee).

    [2] Available coffees vary, based on the finest beans available at auction.

    [3] Each delivery is beautifully packaged, including a vellum descriptions of the beans.

    [4] Difference Coffee is even more elegant when sipped from a golden cup, which members receive.



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