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PRODUCTS OF THE WEEK: Goat Cream Cheese, Coconut Water & A New Sugar Substitute

Belle Chevre Honey Cream Cheese
[1] Cream cheese for lovers of goat cheese (photo courtesy Belle Chevre).

Coconut Water In Shell
[2] Food fun: Drink your coconut water from a coconut (photo courtesy Melissa’s).

Swerve Noncaloric Sweetener
[3] Swerve, the new non-caloric sweetener (photo courtesy Keto Diet App).



Here’s a bonus for goat cheese lovers: chevre cream cheese. Chevre (pronounced SHEV—the second syllable with the R is usually silent), is the French word for both goat and goat cheese.

Creamy Belle Chèvre goat cheese is a luxurious cream cheese, a spread for bagels, toast or the base of hors d’oeuvres.

Truth to tell, we began to eat it from the container with a spoon. Chevre has three times more protein than regular cream cheese, so think of it as low-guilt cream cheese.

It’s simply delicious, in plain plus four flavors: coffee, cinnamon, fig and honey. (All the products we’ve had from Belle Chevre are delicious: We could eat them three times a day.)

Six ounces are $6.99 at

Coconut water can be purchased in almost every supermarket: a slightly-sweet thirst quencher that’s an excellent source of electrolytes, including potassium.

This fun variation packages the juice* in Mother Nature’s container: a memorable touch for parties, party favors or special treats.

These coconuts have an easy-open pop-top and are packaged with straws. Each sits on a recyclable cardboard band, so it sits on a surface without rolling.

When you’ve finished the water, you can scoop out the coconut meat lining the shell.

The empty shells can be cut into sections and added to an outdoor grill. They burn quickly, and make a hot cooking fire. You can also refill them: If you have space to store them in the fridge or freezer for up to a week, first rinse them out.

The U.K. company sells the coconuts in the U.S. through Melissa’s, among other outlets. They are sold in packs of four, for $28. For more information, visit

Many people seek sweetness without sugar, and food scientists are constantly on the look for the next big thing.

The last big thing, monkfruit, was not to our liking; and the one before that, stevia, tastes O.K. only in a highly processed form. We’ve been sticking to Splenda.

The latest non-caloric sweetener is a new, all natural brand called Swerve, made from erythritol, a sugar alcohol used in sugarless candy, gum and other products.

The erythritol is blended with some oligosaccharides, prebiotic fibers found naturally in plants.

Bonus: Unlike other sugar substitutes, Swerve caramelizes just like sugar; so cook and bake to your heart’s content.

Swerve is available in both granulated and confectioners, and in individual granulated packets.

The brand states that there is a 1:1 substitution of Swerve for regular sugar. We found it to be less sweet than sugar: We wanted a bit more (e.g., three packets in a cup of coffee).

But: no problemo; it’s still calorie-free.

For more information visit

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON NON-CALORIC SWEETENERS, check out our glossary of non-caloric sweeteners.


*There is no real difference between coconut water and coconut juice.

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