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GIFT OF THE DAY: GelPro, The Most Comfortable Kitchen Mat

Along with tidings of comfort and joy, give real comfort and joy with a GelPro Mat.

It’s a super-cushy and comfortable floor mat, so amazing that we not only have one front of our kitchen sink and stove; we also have one in the bathroom. We don’t know how we’d live without it.

We almost always have aching legs, knees, feet and/or back and find that GelPro is the most cushy and comfortable mat we can stand on.

A panacea for the aches, it’s shock-absorbing, non-skid and easy to clean. Almost everyone who has passed through THE NIBBLE kitchen has purchased one. Once you stand on one, you have to have one. At least one!

Even people with no aches and pains get a lift from standing on them. It’s the difference between standing on hard flooring and standing on pillows. You just don’t get tired standing on these mats.

The mats are available in a variety of sizes (from 20″ x 36″ to 9’ long!), colors and and designs, plain to fancy. They start at $99.95, depending on size and design.

Whatever the price, trust us: We’d pay anything for the comfort our GelPro mats provide.

They also make life more comfortable in the fitness room, garage, grill area, laundry room and workbench.

Whomever you give one to will be thanking you for a long time.

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  GelPro Kitchen Mat

GelPro Kitchen Mat
No matter how long you’ve been standing, a GelPro mat turns the floor into the cushiest pillow. Several sizes and numerous colors and designs are available (photos courtesy GelPro).

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