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Samuel Adams Cold Snap Ale & Beer Hot Toddy Recipe

Beer Hot Toddy Recipe
[1] Beer hot toddy (photo © L’Adresse | NYC).

Samuel Adams Cold Snap Ale Bottle & Pint Glass
[2] Samuel Adams Cold Snap Ale (photo © Samuel Adams).


What’s with the weather around here? Every few days it switches from spring to winter and back.

Today it’s snowing: a cold snap. Time to drink the last of the Cold Snap beer we received from Samuel Adams.

An unfiltered white ale with crisp wheat and citrus notes, Cold Snap complements lighter fish dishes like sushi and smoked salmon. The maltiness also tempers the heat in cuisines like Indian and Thai.

And Cold Snap’s spiciness (sweet orange peel and plum, peppery coriander) works with desserts like spice cake and fruit tarts.

For the winter chill, there’s even a…

Beer simple syrup? How can you resist?

Ingredients Per Drink

  • 3.5 ounces Samuel Adams Cold Snap
  • 3.5 ounces sugar
  • 2 ounces Earl Grey tea (heated to 170°F)
  • 1.5 ounces Bourbon
  • Garnish: lemon wheel, cinnamon stick

    1. MAKE the beer sugar syrup. Combine the sugar and beer in a large pitcher or pot. Whisk lightly to dissolve the sugar.

    2. POUR the mixture into another pitcher or pot of the same size. Repeat this process every 5 minutes until the head of the beer is completely gone. Store the syrup in a glass jar in the fridge until ready to use. Then…

    3. COMBINE the Cold Snap syrup and bourbon in a glass and top with the hot tea. Let the drink sit for a few minutes to cool and allow the ingredients to marry. Garnish with a lemon wheel and/or cinnamon stick and serve.
    > Here’s more about Cold Snap Ale.

    > The history of beer and the different types of beer.



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