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PRODUCT: Kale Sprouts

Kale sprouts: a new hybrid. Photo courtesy


Just when you thought it couldn’t get trendier, there’s a new kale in town: kale sprouts, grown in California and available year-round.

A hybrid cross of Russian red kale and Brussels sprouts, kale sprouts look like a very tiny head of kale, much smaller than baby kale.

Kale sprouts—also known as lollipop sprouts or lollipop kale—are harvested when the first leaves of the plant have developed around a tiny, compact central head. This small, leafy delicacy has the same striking coloring as Red Russian Kale; silvery-green to blue-gray leaves with pronounced crimson veins.

Kale sprouts have a sweet peppery flavor and crispy fresh texture. Use them as a tasty garnish for meat entrées, mixed with spring greens in a salad, or sautéd lightly with mushrooms and garlic.

Choose sprouts that show no wilting, have a firm texture and are bright in color. If kept refrigerated, these durable little leaves with stay fresh for five days.

Send them as a gift to your favorite kale lover. You can buy three packages for $22.95 at

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