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FOOD FUN: Lemon Reindeer

Christmas craft reindeer. Photo courtesy
Happy Girl Kitchen.

Happy Girl Kitchen is an artisan food producer in the San Francisco Bay area, making preserves and other condiments with organic farm fresh produce. The chutneys, jams, honeys, pickles and preserved tomatoes make delicious holliday gifts.

Next to their Mandarin Lemon Marmalade in the photo is a reindeer sculpture that’s fun to make at home.

  • Gather, wash and dry twigs for antlers and legs.
  • Attach a small lemon “head” to a large lemon “body” with three toothpicks. Orient the head so that the stem point serves as the “nose.”
  • Add the antlers and legs. You can use a toothpick or an ice pick to make small holes to insert the twigs.
  • For more fragrance, you can stud the body lemon (and the head, too) with whole cloves, or just use one clove for a tail. If you cover both lemons with cloves, they will preserve your lemon as a fragrant pomander.
  • Optional embellishment: tie a red ribbon around the neck.


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