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TIP OF THE DAY: Halloween Beer

How about a bottle of Dark Lord? Photo
courtesy Singlehop.com.

Yesterday we presented a table’s worth of wines that are perfect for Halloween. With names like Phantom, Sinister Hand and Velvet Devil, they add fun to the occasion. Check ‘em out.

Today, it’s beer. Our source is the new book, “The Brewtal Truth Guide To Extreme Beers,” by Adem Tepedelen—an award-winning and entertaining writer who adds “music pairings” to enjoy with each particular brew.

The book promises—and delivers—“the brewtal truth” about beers on the edge—more than 100 of them. It’s a terrific guide to extreme styles, and an informative and fun read even if your beer tastes are more moderate.

There are some imports, but the majority of the selections are American craft beer. The book is a great gift for anyone who is serious about beer. Find it on Amazon.com.
Bloody Beer
Brewer: Short’s
Location: Bellaire, Michigan

Called “the godless offspring of Bloody Mary and a beer,” this is not a simple case of adding tomato juice to beer. This 8.5% A.B.V. is brewed with tomatoes, celery seed, dill, horseradish and peppercorns. Website.

Brewer: Founders Brewing
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

This Belgian Strong Pale Ale with an A.B.V. of 7.75% is a relative lightweight among the other contenders here. But the author notes, “…it’s the kind of incredibly flavorful beer that could convert someone into a believer and save a soul from a lifetime of drinking bland pale lagers.”Website.

Devil Dancer
Brewer: Russian River Brewing
Location: Santa Rosa, California

Who’s up for a triple IPA with an A.B.V. of 13% and “a tongue-numbing amount of hops?” How’s this for poetry: “Between the malt avalanche and mountain of hops, a veritable floral/fruit/spice cornucopia develops. It smells like a farmers’ market in the heat of summer. Website.


Ghost Face Killah
Brewer: Twisted Pine Brewery
Location: Bellaire, Michigan

The ghost in the name is bhut jolokia, the ghost chile—the hottest in the world. “It will have even the most diehard heat freak howling in pain,” says the author. Hmm. Website.

Brewer: Uinta Brewing
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

The A.B.V. on this baby is a hefty 13.2%, “wine strength.” (The book features brews up to 21.92%.) If you’re going to be stuck in a labyrinth, a bottle or two of this rye barrel-aged black ale with licorice will make you forget where you are. Website.

Brewer: Southern Tier Brewing Company
Location: Lakewood, New York

How about an Imperial IPA with an A.B.V. of 9.5% and “an uninhibited infusion of hops?” Website.

Ghost Face Killah won’t actually kill you, but the ghost chiles—the hottest in the world—may make you feel like the end is near. Photo courtesy SixPackTech.com.
There’s so much more to choose from for Halloween: Arctic Devil, Black Damnation, Darkness, Fallen Angel, Hades, Hell’s Belle, Horny Devil, Inferno, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Old Mephisto, Pentagram, Samael’s (he’s the angel of death), Satan Gold, Satan Red, 666, 668: Neighbor Of The Beast, Son Of The Morning (another name for the devil) and The Wings Of Armageddon.

There are many non-spooky names that amuse: Alpha Dog, Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, Double Bastard Ale, Hardcore IPA, Hopsicle, Palate Wrecker, Red Rice Ale, Shark Pants, Siamese Twin, Victor/Victoria and Voodoo Donut Maple Bacon Ale (named for one of our favorite donuts from Portland, Oregon), from starters.

But beyond the flashy names, these are beers crafted with skill, love, and a touch of heavy metal music.

How can you resist this book?


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