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HALLOWEEN: Healthy Trick Or Treating

All kids look forward to collecting a bag of candy on Halloween. Few would gracefully accept a healthy piece of fruit, much as their parents might support the idea.

Yet, there are healthy foods that kids see as treats, and you can feel good about handing out:

  • Pistachio Nuts. Always a favorite! You may be able to find individual snack bags in flavors, such as Sweet Chili or Wasabi.
  • Fruit Or Vegetable Chips. Last week’s Top Pick, Bare Fruit apple chips are as sweet and satisfying as any candy—yet there’s no added sugar! For a salty alternative, look for vegetable chips mixed with dried legumes, such as edamame and peas.
  • Popcorn. It’s a whole grain snack! Ideally, pass by the caramel corn and kettle corn for plain or savory flavors.
  • Whole Grain Pretzels. This is whole grain the way kids like it: crunchy and salty.
    A Halloween treat you can feel good about. Photo courtesy Wonderful Pistachios.
  • Jerky. Many brands are loaded with sugar and salt, but read the labels. Brands like Silver Creek dial down both sugar and salt.

    Just don’t tell the kids that these are “healthy snacks” and they’ll enjoy them as much as the candy.

    There are 364 other days each year to discuss the benefits of fiber and nutrients and the ills of empty calories, salt, sugar and fat.

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