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FOOD FUN: Halloween Hot Chocolate & More

Here’s a fun way to serve hot chocolate, whether for a party or family breakfast. You can use instant hot chocolate, or make it from scratch.

RECIPE: Halloween Hot Chocolate


  • Prepared hot chocolate
  • Whipped cream
  • Peeps marshmallow cat, ghost or pumpkin
  • Optional: Skewer to anchor marshmallow
  • Optional: Seasonal spices: cinnamon, ginger,
    nutmeg, rum extract

    Marshmallow hot chocolate, Peeps-style.
    Photo courtesy Peeps.


    Can ghosts drown? Float one in a bowl of
    sweet potato soup. Photo courtesy Peeps.

    1. PREPARE hot chocolate; add to cups. Stir in optional spices (if you’re making hot chocolate from scratch in a sauce pan, add them to the sauce pan).

    2. Top with whipped cream.

    3. INSERT marshmallow cat, ghost or pumpkin. If using the optional skewer, first place marshmallow on top.

    Any solid color mug you have is just fine.

    But if you like the idea of holiday mugs, look for markdowns on Halloween-theme mugs, or buy black or orange mugs that can be used year-round. We like these festive mugs in orange and black stripes and dots.



  • Decorate cakes (recipe idea) or top cupcakes (recipe idea).
  • Float a ghost atop sweet potato soup, or stand him up in mashed sweet potatoes (recipe idea).
  • Thread the three different shapes on a skewer, alternating with strawberries or grapes
  • Top chocolate pudding (recipe idea)
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