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TIP OF THE DAY: Fruit Sushi Rolls

Mango-tuna is one of the three mango sushi
rolls at Whole Foods Markets. Photo courtesy
  If you patronize a more creative sushi bar, you’ve probably seen mango in a couple of orientations: within a roll or as a wrap.

While most sweet fruits don’t pair seamlessly with sushi, mango is an exception. Pineapple, which might seem a match in theory, is too acidic and at best complements a heavy flavored fish like mackerel. Others, like kiwi and strawberry, often don’t assert themselves enough.

But the exotic flavors of mango seem to blend with all raw fish, as well as cooked items like shrimp and lobster; and the meaty mango texture has a similar consistency.

If you’re near a Whole Foods Market, check out the sushi bar for three new mango-based rolls:

  • California Mango Fresh Roll, a piece of mango added to a California roll instead of tamago (egg custard); ours also included avocado and shredded carrot
  • Coconut Shrimp Mango Roll
  • Tuna Mango Roll
    The rolls are wrapped in rice paper and lettuce instead of nori, and served with a Thai-style peanut dipping sauce.
    Whole Foods’ in-store sushi bars are operated by Genji Sushi. The company started as a sushi bar in Philadelphia then expanded to Genji Express, a chain of grab-and-go sushi shops. Over time, the company developed partnerships with upmarket food chains, and are currently in 165 Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

    The menu includes raw, cooked, vegetarian and vegan-friendly sushi. The current executive chef, Takao Iinuma, is a protégé of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. The creativity filters down: Sushi chefs at different locations create their own specialties. So drop in and take a look.



    Fruit sushi is not a conventional Japanese preparation; it’s American fusion. Beyond combining it with seafood, enthusiasts have turned it into dessert.

    Anything goes in the fruit department. Some fruits—kiwis, mangoes, peaches, strawberries—are pliant enough to be sliced and draped over nigiri-style rice pads. Others, like apple and pineapple, need to be cut into sticks or diced and added to rolls.

    Check out this recipe from Food-Like.com, which cooks the rice in coconut milk for an even richer effect.

    Purée fruit as a dipping sauce, and have fun with it.

    Dessert sushi. Photo courtesy Food-Life.com.

    If you’ve always wanted to make sushi, why not start with dessert sushi? You don’t have to worry about the freshness of the fish—or the expense.

    If you’re not the dextrous type, check out the Sushezi, which makes no-fail sushi rolls in a mold—no mat required. While we haven’t tried Sushi Magic, it provides molds for nigiri-style sushi in addition to rolls.
    Check out our Sushi Glossary: the different types of sushi, related foods and beautiful photos.

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