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TIP OF THE DAY: A Medley Of Kitchen Tips

We recently received the most delicious chocolate pecan pie from Comfort & Joy Kitchen. The rest of their casseroles, cobblers, pies and pot pies looks so good, we’re planning to work our way through the menu.

Clicking through their website, we came across these kitchen tips, two of which were revelations to us. While you may be familiar with many of them, you, too may discover something new and valuable.
CHOCOLATE: Garnish your desserts like a pro: Use a vegetable peeler to make chocolate curls from a chocolate bar. Sprinkle them over hot chocolate and coffee drinks, too.

CHOPSTICKS: Keep wooden chopsticks in your pantry canisters to level off measured items like flour and sugar. (Editor’s Note: We use a knife for this, but welcome ideas for what to do with all the extra chopsticks we accumulate.)


Check below for the easiest way to separate eggs. Photo courtesy Eight Turn Crepe.

EGGS: Have trouble separating your egg whites from the yolks? Use a small funnel and a cup. (This was our favorite new tip.)


Check above for how to add a hint to garlic
to everything! Photo courtesy Domaine-

GARLIC: To add just a hint of garlic flavor to your dish, rub the pan or pot with a half a clove of garlic before adding any other ingredients. This subtle addition improves any savory dish.

MEAT: Don’t rush to slice into meat or poultry when it’s just off the heat: The juices will flow out with the first knife cut. Instead, allowing it to rest for five minutes (and up to 20 minutes for a whole turkey) will allow the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the meat.

MICROWAVE: To keep sauces, oils and other volatile ingredients from splattering all over the microwave, tent the dish: Place a toothpick in the middle and cover with a moist paper towel. The tented towel will keep the food from splattering.

PIE: When making a pie crust with crimped edges, gently lift the edge of the crust all around with your fingers. This will keep the dough from sticking to the dish while baking, and makes it much easier to remove that first slice of pie.

PRODUCE: Keep raw vegetables fresher for longer by lining the crisper drawers of the fridge with paper towels. They’ll absorb the extra moisture that causes veggies to rot. Change them as needed.

VEGETABLES: A few days ago we suggested ways to get broccoli nay-sayers to eat more broccoli. Comfort and Joy suggests the very easy technique of grilling: Toss the broccoli in a few teaspoons of olive oil with salt and pepper; grill for 5 minutes or until fork-tender. Keep it crisp; don’t overcook. Use the same technique with other veggies.
If you have a favorite tip, we’d love to hear it.


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