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VALENTINE GIFT: Sixth Course Chocolates

At a fine restaurant, after a five course dinner, including dessert, the sixth course is a dish of chocolates or mignardises with coffee.

The founders of Sixth Course Artisan Confections describe them selves as “good pastry chefs [gone] rogue.”

The Bay Area confectioners used Guittard couverture chocolate, made in San Francisco, along with local dairy and Start with two talented pastry chefs: Borganic herbs, then chose sustainable, recycled packaging

The results are superb. While there’s no heart-shaped gift box, if your Valentine craves the finest couverture and exciting flavors, head to to partake of these lovelies.

  • Chef’s Choice boxes, shown in the photo, are made in Caramels, Sampler and Wine & Spirits Sampler. One of each would be just perfect for this chocolate lover.

    Chef’s Choice is a sampling of the superb
    bonbons, caramels and truffles; but you can
    also have one of everything. Photo courtesy


    Caramels for your Valentine: Passion Fruit Habanero and Cayenne. Photo courtesy Sixth Course.
  • Individual flavors can be hand-selected. Current flavors include Baileys & Cream, Brandied Cherry, Cayenne Caramel, Ceylon Cinnamon Caramel, Chai Tea Caramel, Champagne Fizz, Coconut Rum, Earl Grey & Candied Meyer Lemon, Grand Marnier Twist, Hazelnut Praline, Honey & Fennel Pollen, Milk Chocolate Malt Crunch, Passion Fruit Caramel, Passion Fruit Habanero Crunch, Raspberry Cosmopolitan, Rosemary Caramel, Sage & Brown Butter Caramel, Smoked Salt Caramel and Whiskey Neat Truffles. Hungry yet?
  • Heart Shaped Caramels. For Valentine’s Day, six Passion Fruit Habanero Caramels and six Cayenne Caramels are packaged in a sustainable, reusable wood box.
    OK, Valentine: You know what we want. Send lots!
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