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TIP OF THE DAY & GIFT: Kahlúa Midnight Coffee Liqueur

Some people think of Kahlúa as one single type of coffee liqueur, to be used in Black Russians, White Russians, Espresso Martinis and Mudslides.

The brand is actually a delicious family of coffee liqueurs, including Kahlúa Especial, Kahlúa French Vanilla, Kahlúa Mocha and Kahlúa Hazelnut, among other flavors.

There have been limited holiday additions such as Gingerbread Kahlúa and Peppermint Mocha Kahlúa. Last year we loved the debut of Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice, and gave it as holiday gifts.

This year, Kahlúa Midnight is on our gifts-to-give-to-coffee-lovers list.

A combination of 70 proof rum and black coffee, Kahlúa Midnight was designed to be served as a chilled shot. But Kahlúa and other liqueurs are much more than a liqueur or cocktail ingredient. We’re been enjoying Kahlúa Midnight:

  • Added to hot and iced coffee.
  • In a “coffee milkshake”—just add to milk, an adult version of the Fox’s U-Bet Coffee Flavored Syrup of our youth (still available).
    New Kahlúa Midnight was designed for shots…but you can also shoot it into a cup of coffee or on top of ice cream. Photo courtesy Kahlúa.
  • As an ice cream topping—either straight or mixed into a jar of chocolate or caramel sauce.
  • As a dessert drizzle, on anything from pound cake to pudding.
  • As a substitute for vanilla extract in many recipes (or just add the liqueur as a new ingredient).
    Last night we finished dinner with the ice cream approach: Kahlúa Midnight over a melange of vanilla, chocolate and coffee ice cream.

    How’s that for a very special—and very easy—dessert!

    Kahlúa Midnight is available at retailers nationwide.

    Find more of our favorite liqueurs in our Cocktails & Spirits Section.


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