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TIP OF THE DAY: 6 Delicious & Healthy Energy Snacks

Almonds are one of our favorite healthy snacks. Photo courtesy Almond Board Of California.

  Some people snack on candy, chips and cookies. Health and fitness types seek out energy bars, an apple or a banana.

Some snacks enhance energy levels, others don’t. High-calorie processed foods and sugar-rich foods can provide a quick energy boost, but they’re composed of bad calories. The burst is followed by a low period when blood sugar plummets and you feel depleted.

Instead, look for energy-efficient snacks that balance high-quality calories with the nutrients that convert calories into lasting energy. And that taste great, to boot.

Try these five energy-enhancing snacks for tasty boost. The original inspiration comes from an article by Nikki Jong, who focuses on the nutrition/energy benefits of these foods and how they create the energy (here’s the article).


Almonds & Walnuts. Nuts have a potent combination of energy-enriching nutrients. We buy raw almonds in bulk and portion out 24 a day. If you prefer walnuts, they’re even more heart-healthy. Carry them in a reusable snack sack; or buy pre-packed individual portions like these from Emerald and Blue Diamond. You can make or buy wasabi almonds (we get both raw and wasabi almonds at Trader Joe’s).

Edamame (Boiled Soybeans). Soybeans are full of nutrients that provide a direct boost of energy (they also have some mood enhancement qualities). You can buy them frozen in the shell and microwave them for a fun and delicious snack. But for grab-and-go, dried edamame are available in four-ounce packs, enough for two snacks, or in larger containers so you can pack your own (for further savings, look in the bulk foods section). More about edamame and its health benefits.


Popcorn. Popcorn is a whole grain; popped corn provides both volume and fiber. Look for low-fat microwave popcorn and single-serve bags. Most microwave popcorn companies make mini bags for individual portions. Take a look at Orville Redenbacher Naturals Gourmet Microwave Popcorn. It’s also available with lime flavor.

Yogurt. For something smooth and creamy, grab a yogurt. While sugar provides a quick energy boost, you get extra points if the yogurt is plain or sugar free. You can stir in some agave nectar or a packet of artificial sweetener for a sweet treat.

Whole Grain Pretzels. All you have to do is switch from conventional refined white flour pretzels to whole wheat flour, which delivers richer flavor as well as better nutrients. Snyder’s Of Hanover Organic Honey Whole Wheat Pretzel Sticks are also certified organic. There’s also a whole wheat and oat variety. The line is certified kosher by OU. What are whole grains, and why you need them.

Whole Grain Crackers.You can also nibble on 100% whole wheat crackers such as Nabisco Wheat Thins, crunchy little bites that are delicious by themselves, or with plain yogurt or a cup of soup.

Steamed edamame are a delicious snack. You can put them in a snack bag for grab-and-go, or buy roasted edamame. Photo courtesy Seapoint Farms.
Make sure your whole grain snack is 100% whole grain, and not “made with whole grain,” which means that some whole grain flour is added to the refined flour.

And tell us about your favorite energy snacks.

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