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PRODUCT: The Margarita As Adult Limeade

Adult Beverage Company, the folks who brought us the vodka-based Adult Chocolate Milk we enjoyed so much last year, has released its sophomore product. Continuing with the company’s theme of nostalgic drinks for adults, the Margarita has been conceived as “Adult Limeade.”

Adult Limeade is the only pour-and-serve Margarita that uses 100% Blue Agave Reposado Tequila. It’s a better Tequila, noteworthy for both the 100% blue agave (instead of a mix of blue agave and a less expensive agave variety) and reposado Tequila, aged 6 months to a year (instead of the unaged silver, or blanco, tequila—the different types of Tequila).

Lime juice and agave nectar are added to the Tequila to create a 40-proof drink. No refrigeration is required.

The company advises to just open the bottle and pour over ice. You can do that, but you really need a squeeze of fresh lime. The limitation with bottled Margarita mixes, no matter how fine the ingredients, is that the vibrancy of fresh lime juice is missing.

No problem: We always have a fresh lime at hand. We’ve been enjoying Adult Limeade in shot glasses with a salted rim. We squeeze in the fresh lime before adding the Adult Limeade.

Pour and serve: Adult Limeade joins sibling Adult Chocolate Milk. Photo courtesy Adult Beverage Company.
It’s a nice way to enjoy a mini-Margarita without the calories of a full-size glass.

Adult Limeade retails for $19.99 (750ml) and $23.99 (1 liter). There’s a store locator on the website.

Consider it as a gift for Father’s Day and college graduates. Bottoms up!


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