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TIP OF THE DAY: Special Water For Parties

Celebrate the holidays with a special
sparkling water. Photo courtesy

  Quite a few people choose water as a drink (or as their third drink) at parties and holiday feasts.

We try to minimize our carbon footprint, so our daily water is tap water or SodaStream-carbonated water.

But on special occasions, we treat guests (and ourselves!) to a special sparkling water. One of our favorites is Ferrarelle (feh-rah-REL-lay), Italy’s #1 sparkling water. (The brand also offers a still water.)

The Ferrarelle spring is located near an extinct volcano in Italy’s Campania region (the southwest coast, right above the “boot”).

To become Ferrarelle, rainwater seeps into the ground and starts a 9.3-mile journey down strata of rocks and minerals, where it is naturally purified and enriched with:

  • Bicarbonate, which helps to facilitate digestion.
  • Calcium, at a high concentration of 365 mg per liter (in Italy, Ferrarelle is often recommended for the daily calcium requirement of lactose-intolerant people).
  • Potassium, which helps reinforce the muscular system.
  • Silica, which delays the aging process of tissue.
    Most brands of sparkling water come out of the ground still (flat) and are then artificially carbonated, like soda. This makes the carbonation very strong.

    In contrast, Ferrarelle is naturally effervescent, coming out of the source already sparkling. It has a much more elegant texture, while delivering crisp, refreshing flavor. People with trained palates will discover nuances of its mineral heritage. (For a heavier mineral flavor, we like San Pellegrino, another naturally carbonated Italian mineral water with some extra carbonation added before bottling.)

    The Purity Of Bottled Water

    While the municipal water supply in the U.S. is subject to stringent quality controls, no testing is required for mineral and spring water, whether domestic or imported. Popular brands have been found to contain bacteria, carcinogens, fertilizer and industrial chemicals (details).

    Ferrarelle is tested 615 times daily and its quality is guaranteed by major international certifications including the ISF (International Security Forum).

    Whichever brand you choose, have a sparkling holiday!

    Do you know the difference between mineral water and spring water? Find out—along with more fascinating water information—in our Water Glossary.


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