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PRODUCT: Crystal Head Vodka

While both are in the spirit of Halloween, a skull of vodka may be an even better gift than a bottle of Death’s Door Vodka.

The packaging of Crystal Head Vodka is based on an archaeological mystery:

Thirteen crystal heads have been found in regions around the world, from the American southwest to Tibet. They are between 5,000 and 35,000 years old, and are believed to have been polished into their shape from solid quartz chunks over a period of several hundred years.

Inside Crystal Head Vodka’s glass heads—or skulls, as we prefer to call them—is premium vodka that is quadruple-distilled, then triple-filtered through polished crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. (You can read that story on the company website).

The vodka is made in St. Johns, Newfoundland with water from a deep glacial aquifer and a proprietary blend of grains. The result is a creamy texture with a slightly sweet taste on the finish.

The brand owes its existence to actor Dan Aykroyd, whose interest in archaeology and the supernatural got the ball rolling. (His Wikipedia bio describes Aykroyd as “a Canadian comedian, actor, screenwriter, musician, winemaker and ufologist.”)

A glass skull filled with premium vodka is a treat, not a trick. Photo courtesy Crystal Head Vodka.
According to the company website, the heads are “thought to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them, and as such stand not as symbols of death, but of life.”

As to why the skulls are called “heads” when “skulls” seem more accurate: We have an email in to Mr. Aykroyd.

The vodka is certified kosher by OU. Here’s a store locator.

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