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PRODUCT: Certified Angus Beef

We may be in a recession, but America hasn’t cut back on fine beef.

For the fifth consecutive year, Certified Angus Beef LLC has reported record sales. The brand, which sells its beef through fine markets and restaurants, hit new heights: 807 million pounds of beef, compared to 2010’s record of 777 million pounds. That’s beaucoup de moo!

The demand for top-quality beef during a period of significant economic downturn shows that consumers are still treating themselves to affordable luxuries.

One may have to refrain from the big expenditures—deluxe vacations and home renovations, for example. But a steak dinner is still within reach for many who are cutting back on the finer things.


What America wants: more fine beef.
Photo courtesy Certified Angus Beef.

The Certified Angus Beef Program was formed in 1978 to provide consumers with an assurance of consistent beef flavor, tenderness and juiciness. The name is licensed to breeders and ranchers who adhere to the strict standards of the program to produce superior beef.

Today, the brand sells more than 1.8 million pounds of product daily. It is the largest, most successful brand of beef in the world.

Certified Angus Beef can be purchased at more than 13,600 restaurants and retail stores in 47 countries.

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What’s the difference between a boneless strip steak, a New York strip steak, a Kansas City strip, a shell steak and a top loin?

Only the name is different: They’re the same cut of beef. Other names include boneless loin, boneless club steak, Delmonico, strip loin and sirloin strip (which is confusing because it’s not really part of the sirloin).

Learn your cuts of beef in our Beef Glossary.

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