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TIP OF THE DAY: Hot Apple Cider Cocktail

When you feel the first chill of fall, it’s time to snuggle up with a hot cocktail. For your consideration, we present a Heated Affair, created by Jacques Bezuidenhout, who makes the drink with Tequila Partida and spiced apple cider.

Bezuidenhout is Brand Ambassador for Tequila Partida. A brand ambassador is a corporate employee who represents a brand to consumers, the trade, the media and other key constituencies. The job focus is to communicate the brand message: product features and benefits, and how the brand differs from others in the category. The Partida Brand Ambassador travels the country (or the world) meeting people. Of course, in the process, glasses of tequila are shared. Put this on your bucket list as a job to have.


Ingredients Per Cocktail

  • 2 ounces añejo tequila
  • 6 ounces hot spiced apple cider (recipe below)
  • Heavy cream
  • Nutmeg* for garnish
    Snuggle up with a hot apple cider cocktail.
    Photo courtesy Tequila Partida.
    *You’ll get more exciting flavor from fresh-ground nutmeg. Buy the nets in your supermarket and grate them with a fine grater like this one from Microplane, or a pepper grinder-style nutmeg grater that keeps your fingertips safe.

    1. Warm a small wine glass (you can do this in the microwave). Add tequila and hot apple cider. Stir.
    2. Float a half inch of heavy cream on top. Grate nutmeg over the top and serve.
    Apple Cider Preparation
    1. In a saucepan, add 6 ounces of apple cider for each drink you’ll be serving.
    2. Add winter spices: a pinch of allspice, a few cloves, a cinnamon stick and some orange peel. If you want more spiciness, you can add more later.
    3. Cook over low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. The cider should be warm but not bubbling.
    4. Taste for flavor and add more spice if desired.
    5. Remove pan from stove. Strain out the spices and orange peel.

    Mulled Wine, Glogg & Hot Toddy (including alcohol-free mulled cider)
    Spiced Apple Cider With Rum
    Harvest Spiced Rum (it isn’t warm, but it’s a beautiful orange color)

    What’s the difference between a añejo, blanco and reposado tequila?

    There are five different expressions of tequila. Take a look.


    Why is there a worm in some bottles of tequila?

    There isn’t! It is prohibited by law to put anything other than the tequila in a tequila bottle.

    Worms are placed in some bottles of mezcal, a less refined spirit and a precursor of tequila. But it’s strictly for tourists. The better brands of mezcal are worm-free. The worm, by the way, is a larval form of a moth that lives on the agave plant, from which both mezcal and tequila are made.

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