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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Popchips Healthy Potato Chips

  In 2007, we were one of the first to discover Popchips and make it a Top Pick Of The Week.

Over the years, we’ve had many a potato chip, but none as guilt-free and delicious as Popchips. They have half the fat but all of the flavor. Super-crunchy, they’re fun as well as fabulous.

Instead of frying potato slices to make chips, Popchips are made with proprietary process. The potatoes are cut into small pieces, then popped under heat and pressure—no fat.
After the chips are popped, some fat is required for the seasonings to adhere. That’s why these delicious chips have half the fat of conventional chips. Compare one-inch servings:

  • Popchips: 23 chips, 120 calories
  • Lay’s Original Potato Chips: 15 chips, 160 calories
  • Lay’s Baked Potato Chips: 15 chips, 120 calories
    You get a lot more Popchips per serving!

    Popchips are available in eight flavors: Original Popchips, Barbeque Popchips, Cheddar Popchips, Jalapeño Popchips, Parmesan & Garlic Popchips, Salt & Pepper Popchips, Sea Salt & Vinegar Popchips and Sour Cream & Onion Popchips.

    Read the full review and TRY THEM! The line is gluten-free, non GMO and certified kosher, and is available at retailers nationwide.
    Potato Chip History

    The first potato chips were born in the U.S.A.—by accident, in the course of a “food fight” between a fussy restaurant patron and a cranky chef. Check out the story.

    What Are The Best Conventional Potato Chips?

    Our favorite conventional chips are the original Saratoga Chips, first made at the Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York.

    A few years ago, local entrepreneurs began to produce Saratoga Chips. Small, curly and elegant, they’re terrific for everything from snacking from the box to nibbling with a Martini.

    The company’s luscious dip mixes are also noteworthy. Packaged in a reproduction of the original chip box, Saratoga Chips are a great gift for the chip lover. Small, individual-portion size makes a great party favor or stocking stuffer.


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