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Chilled Cucumber Soup Recipe

Bowls Of Cold Cucumber Soup
[1] Chilled cucumber soup. A little garnish turns it into food art (photo © Love And Lemons).

A Cucumber Growing On The Vine
[2] Still on the vine, in a home garden with a wooden support for the heavy fruit—yes, cucumbers are a fruit (photo © Bernard Hermant | Unsplash).


We love elegant, chilled cucumber soup.

Unfortunately, the provider of our video recipes has closed down, leaving us with this tempting idea, but no video recipe on this page.

So instead, we present two options:

  • The Nibble’s Recipe For Cold Cucumber Yogurt Soup
  • This elegant chilled cucumber soup recipe from Love & Lemons (photo #1).

  • Here’s the commentary from the video recipe that went poof!

    Cucumber soup is refreshing and low in calories—we use nonfat Greek yogurt instead of the whole milk yogurt and sour cream used in the video recipe. And it’s less costly to make than gazpacho.

    Texture. Cucumber soup is customizable in texture, from chunky to smoothie-like (you can drink the latter from a glass or cup).

    While the video host uses an immersion blender, you can use a regular blender or food processor for a finer texture.

    Seasonings. Cucumber soup is receptive to a broad variety of favorite seasonings. While garlic, dill, and mint are traditional, you can change the recipe by adding basil, celery seed, curry powder, minced jalapeño, minced onion, shallot, tarragon, thyme, and/or sage.

    Serving. Serve the chilled soup in plastic cups for parties—either with a spoon or as a puréed, drinkable version.

    We’ll be serving cucumber soup as part of our Labor Day menu. Try it!

    World Cucumber Day is June 14th.
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