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TIP OF THE DAY: Get A Fish Spatula (Fish Turner)

Use a slotted fish spatula to flip everything
on the grill. This one is a Tom Douglas by
Pinzon Dexter Russell, available on Amazon.

  Grilling tools sets generally include a chef’s spatula, grill tongs, two-prong fork, silicone basting brush and cleaning brush for the grill. But if you grill fish, that chef’s spatula is a bit clunky to turn a fillet easily, without breaking it.

THE NIBBLE chef suggests a grilling tool that is equally wonderful in the kitchen: a good quality fish spatula or fish turner. He uses it for grilling both burgers and fish, and finds it preferable to the conventional head-on chef’s spatula.

It’s a great utensil whether you’re grilling, sautéing or broiling.

Designed to turn and lift delicate seafood, a fish spatula, also known as a fish turner, is thinner and lighter and works from an angle. The long vents mean less sticking.

A fish spatula is a multi-tasker. We use it to turn fried eggs and omelets, pancakes, crêpes, cutlets, enchiladas and quesadillas—even to lift delicate baked pasta such as lasagne and manicotti.


Fish Spatulas We Like
A good fish turner is flexible enough to bend, but not flimsy. If you want to use it on scratch-coat cookware, you’ll also need a non-scratch version. Also look for a handle that won’t melt if you leave it in a hot pan.

  • OXO Good Grips, stainless steel with a black handle.
  • Amco Fish Turner, all stainless steel.
  • Master Chef Spatule Pelton Spatula, made of fiberglass and safe with nonstick cookware.
    You can also find left-handed versions.


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