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ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Appletini Recipe

Our drink of choice on St. Patrick’s Day is the green-hued Appletini, also known as an Apple Martini or Green Apple Martini. It’s one of our favorite cocktails.

If you want a deeper green color, simply add a drop of food color.

The Appletini turned up during the Martini renaissance of the 1990s. By the turn of this century, lounges offering hundreds of different “Martinis” could be found in major cities from coast to coast.

It’s questionable whether removing the vermouth, adding other ingredients to gin or vodka and serving the cocktail in a Martini glass actually results in a Martini. But the question was lost in the wave of Martinis produced for the cocktail culture revival—from chocolate and espresso to apple pie and dulce de leche.

However, we did not remonstrate when served our first Appletini, a combination of vodka, apple schnapps (liqueur) and optional ingredients including apple juice/purée, sweet and sour mix or lemon-lime soda.

An Appletini for St. Patrick’s Day. Photo
The recipe was expanded to the Spiced Apple Martini, which includes spiced apple cider; the Rumpletini, made with rum; and the Caramel Appletini, made with both apple and butterscotch schnapps.

Here’s a very fine Appletini recipe, courtesy of Ultimat Vodka.

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