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PRODUCT: My House Cookies

Every town should have a bakery that turns out delicious, fresh all-natural cookies. When we were young, the phrase was “just like Grandma used to make.”

Grandma’s job has been taken over by artisan bakers, who create everything from scratch in small batches. These cookies are more expensive than supermarket cookies, but they’re well worth it.

People in the Philadelphia area already know about MyHouse Cookies, sold at farmers’ markets, produce markets and specialty food stores. The bakery does not want large accounts (distributors and large scale resellers). These typically require preservatives to achieve a certain shelf life in warehouses and on store shelves. And baking in large batches diminishes quality.

If their cookies can not be sold and enjoyed their way, MyHouse Cookies doesn’t want to be part of it.

If you want large (3-1/2″ diameter, two ounces), chewy cookies (some flavors are a bit crisper) check out these flavors: Blackout, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Ginger Spice, Oatmeal Cherry, Orange Coconut and Purely Peanut Butter.

The Orange Coconut cookies taste like
they have fresh-squeezed orange juice
inside. Photo by River Soma | THE NIBBLE.
We found the Oatmeal Cherry to be particularly appealing, and the Orange Coconut to be a delightful surprise: It tastes as if a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice is in the batter.

We also demolished the Blackout chocolate cookie, using it as the base for open-face ice cream sandwiches. Ginger Spice is also nice.

To treat yourself—or someone else deserving of cookies—visit One dozen cookies are $18.00.

The company does not have warehouses filled with product, just waiting to be shipped. Every cookie is baked to order. Just like Grandma’s.

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