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TIP OF THE DAY: Leftover Rice

Leftover rice can be reheated and served as is, of course. But there are many other alternatives. Some of our favorite leftover rice recipes include:

  • Rice Salad: Mix with diced chopped onions, bell peppers and other favorite vegetables, fresh parsley and any leftover chicken. Use olive oil to bind. You can also use this filling to make stuffed tomatoes and stuffed peppers.
  • Meatballs or Stuffed Cabbage: In the meatballs, rice substitutes for breadcrumbs.
  • Fried Rice: Heat oil in a saucepan; add rice, diced onions or green onions, minced garlic and soy sauce. Add diced bell pepper, carrots and any leftover meat or poultry. Tofu is another good addition. If you have sesame oil, add a teaspoon to the primary cooking oil.
  • Rice & Beans or Burritos: In the microwave or a skillet, mix rice with canned black beans and some adobo sauce or hot sauce. Serve as a side, in a tortilla for a burrito or as a main dish with sliced sausages or hot dogs.
  • Soup: Place a mound of rice in the center of a bowl and surround with soup.

It’s easy to turn leftover steamed rice
into fried rice. Photo courtesy CalRice.org.

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves: A great use if you have lots of leftover rice and access to vine leaves.


But perhaps our favorite dish, which takes just two minutes to make, is Rice and Cheese, a variation of mac & cheese. Mix the rice with shredded, grated or chopped cheese and put in the microwave for 30 sections. Season with fresh parsley, chopped green onions or red pepper flakes. Enjoy it as a quick snack or a side dish; it’s great comfort food.

Our second favorite dish is another comfort food: Rice Pudding. Place the rice in a bowl and moisten with whole milk or nonfat milk (enough to wet the rice but not to create a pool of excess liquid). Add a teaspoon of your favorite sweetener and optional raisins or chopped dried fruit, plus cinnamon and nutmeg. Microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy!

You can use white rice or brown rice.

  • There’s much more to rice than “white” or “brown.” See the rices of the world in our Rice Glossary.


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