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PRODUCT: Make Infused Water

If you enjoy fruit-flavored water, you can make it at home, saving money and the environment (those plastic bottles pile up in landfill forever).

Several companies make products that make it easy to create infused water.

  • Bodum’s Ceylon Tea Pitcher is an acrylic pitcher with a filter that was originally designed to brew tea. We prefer to use it to infuse water with the flavor from sliced cucumbers, grapefruit, lemons, limes, melon, oranges, whole strawberries and other fruits, plus mint leaves or other herbs. Price: $19.35 for the 50-ounce size, $25.51 for the jumbo 102-ounce size. We use it in THE NIBBLE kitchen; the slim shape and smaller size option lets us fit it into our packed refrigerator.
  • The central column in Prodyne’s Fruit Infusion Pitcher turns the fruit into a lovely attraction. The 92-ounce capacity provides plenty of infused water. Price: $23.94.
  • Jokari makes the Healthly Steps Water Infuser, a large plastic infusing ball that fits inside almost any pitcher to keep the fruit contained. Price: $6.00.

Infuse your own water with fresh fruit. This
Prodyne infusing pitcher makes fruit the
focal point.

An acrylic pitcher won’t hold up like a glass pitcher, but it’s far lighter. When filled with water, that’s a benefit for kids and others who don’t enjoy heavy lifting.

By the way, if you like sweetened infused water, just add your sweetener of choice.


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