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PRODUCT: Environmentally Friendly Tea

Buy refill bags instead of new canisters.
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Quite a few specialty tea companies package their fine teas in metal canisters, helping to extend the vibrancy of the tea by keeping out air and light.

The problem is, if you’re a regular tea drinker, you can end up with quite a lot of small metal canisters. At some point, you run out of ways to repurpose them and start throwing them away.

But metal doesn’t decompose in landfills. Bullets that are almost usable are still found in Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields. Archaeologists and construction workers around the world routinely pull ancient metal artifacts from the ground that have been there for millennia.

What are environmentally-conscious tea-drinkers to do if they don’t live in communities with recycling programs?

Two of our favorite tea companies, Republic Of Tea and Tay Tea, now offer “refill bags” for the canisters.

They’re a better choice (and less expensive, too) than purchasing a new can. If you already have a stash of canisters, you can refill them and give them as small gifts to tea-loving friends.

If your favorite tea company doesn’t offer refills, send them a note via the website’s contact form.


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