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PRODUCT: Cucina Kitchen Spray

Top-quality room sprays that are
environmentally-friendly. Photo courtesy
Fruits & Passion.

For years we have enjoyed the fragrant kitchen products from Fruits & Passion, a company with boutiques in its native Canada (think Body Shop combined with Caldrea luxury home care products). The company, which competes with Caldrea, sells to specialty retailers and websites in the U.S.

The home products in the Cucina line have never failed to please. We’ve used both the “ambiance” products (candles and diffusers, home fragrances, potpourris); and household care products (cleaning, laundry and ironing and air fragrances).

We recently tried three of the six varieties of Deodorizing Fragrant Kitchen Spray: Coriander and Olive Tree, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon, and Pink Pepper and Anise. We’re not sure about the Sicilian Lemon, but the others filled the air with sophisticated fragrance of a lush garden or flower bouquet. You can tell that the finest ingredients are used. The water-based formula contains a deodorizing agent and fragrance.

The Pink Pepper and Anise spray is more feminine and pretty; the Coriander and Olive Tree spray is more unisex and sophisticated. (We preferred the latter.)

The company aims to be environmentally responsible. The sprays comply with regulations for improving air quality and reducing VOCs. They are hydrocarbon-, alcohol- and DE/DEH phthalate-free. The spray is released from the bottle simply using nitrogen, the main component of air.

A 5.2-ounce spray is $14.00 at Think of it for house gifts, holiday gifts and teacher gifts.

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