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PRODUCT: Cucumber Soda

Perhaps you‘ve had a glass of cucumber water, one of our favorite infusions. Just toss cucumber slices into a pitcher of water and let it infuse for an hour.

Now, meet Mr. Q. Cumber, a sparkling cucumber beverage. Think of it as sweet, sparkling cucumber water.

Cucumber is actually a fruit—the botanical relative of a watermelon. (Think about it: A watermelon is like a giant cucumber with colored flesh. Watermelon rind tastes like cucumber—try it!)

Back to Mr. Q. Cumber: It tastes like 7-Up with an infusion of fresh cucumber. The vegetal quality of the cucumber plays against the sweetness of the soft drink. We like it!

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What if you want a cucumber soda right now? Make your own! In a collins glass, add 4 slices of cucumber, muddling one at a time. Top with club soda or seltzer; add sweetener to taste. You can use sugar, but agave nectar has one-third the glycemic value and is easier to mix in a cold beverage. Or, use your favorite noncaloric sweetener for a virtually calorie-free drink.


Cucumber soda rocks. Photo by Hannah
Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

You’ll have to play with the proportions of cucumber and sweetener to get your ideal combination. Garnish with a crunchy cucumber wheel, of course!

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