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NEWS: Locapour Joins Locavore

You may be a locavore, but are you a locapour? When in Texas, drink Texas wine (photo © Texas Department Of Agriculture).


According to the Washington Post, the “drink local” movement is on its way to joining the locavore “eat local foods” movement.

Californians have it easy with many thousands of local wines, that also have fans nationwide (and worldwide).

But if you’re in Texas, try some Texas wines—perhaps some Barking Rocks, Chisolm Trail or Lone Star.

In Virginia? Look for Virginia wines—there are 156 vineyards, including the compellingly named Blacksnake Meadery, First Colony Winery and the Democracy Vineyard.

In Maine? Cellardoor Winery bottlings make loving gifts, with names like Amorosa, Perfect Stranger, Prince Valiant, Sweetheart and Treasure, among others. (Take note for Valentine’s Day!)

But the important takeaway is to support your local vintner. We’re taught that a country’s wines go with a country’s cuisine. Shouldn’t that apply to our regional wines as well? If restaurants talk the talk with “local ingredients,” shouldn’t they walk the walk with local wines?

If you notice a paucity of local and regional wines in your local wine shops and on restaurant menus, let the proprietors know that you’d like to support local vintners. Even if the wines don’t represent the best values—or if you’re hesitant to plunk down money on something that isn’t tried-and-true—you may be pleasantly surprised.

  • Take a tour of the wineries in your region and taste the wares.
  • Then, gather up a dozen of your favorite bottles and plan an end-of-summer tasting celebrating the wines of your region. You can turn it into a potluck and ask guests to bring their favorite regional dish.

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