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NEWS: Healthier Smoothies From Red Mango

Who can resist a nonfat strawberry-banana
smoothie? Photo courtesy

How many different smoothies can you drink?

If you’re at a Red Mango, you’ve got 22 options! (And they’re certified kosher, too, by Star-K.)

America loves its smoothies, but the “healthy” yogurt shakes sold by many producers are often laden with sugar or high fructose corn syrup (read the label, or check online). Determined to offer healthier smoothies, Red Mango has relaunched its line with four styles:

  • Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies, healthy snacks or meal replacements made from fresh fruit and probiotic frozen yogurt
  • Power Smoothies with added nutrition—flax seed, protein, minerals and vitamins
  • Fresh Fruit & Tea Infused Smoothies, made with whole-leaf tea for an extra hit of antioxidants
  • Iced Tea Chillers, lighter blends of tea and frozen yogurt that are an icy-cold, refreshing way to cool down in the heat
Unlike some other smoothies, Red Mango drinks are all natural and made with fresh fruit instead of frozen fruit. All are made with natural nonfat yogurt (avoid smoothies made with fat-laden ice cream and sugar-laden sorbet) and probiotics that have been proven effective in tests (the live bacteria actually make it into the stomach instead of perishing along the way—learn more about the benefits of probiotics). Extra sweeting comes from natural, non-caloric stevia, not sugar or HFCS.We’re working our way through the menu. All of them are good (have you ever met a smoothie you didn’t like?), although everyone will have his or her favorites. One standout was the Vanilla Black Tea from the Iced Tea Chillers series, reminiscent of Thai Iced Tea—but far less caloric and with beneficial probiotics.

If there’s no Red Mango near you, have your mayor send the company the key to the city. Find the nearest location at


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