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PRODUCT: SodaStream “Pure” Soda Maker

We make club soda and flavored sodas daily with our SodaStream. Photo courtesy SodaStream.

If you’ve been lugging home too many bottles of soda and club soda to beat the summer heat, it may be time to consider a SodaStream soda maker.

You’ll not only save a lot of effort, but it’s an effortless way to go green.

Americans used more than 90 billion cans and bottles of soda and sparkling water last year. That’s a lot of recycling (and landfill).

You can save the environment, save gas, save money and save your back and arms with PURE from SodaStream (also known as Soda Club).

SodaStream, which has several models (PURE is the latest and sleekest), turns tap water into sparkling water or soda in 30 seconds.

No electricity or batteries are used; there’s no mess or clean-up; it’s easy to fit into in your kitchen, workplace, boat, etc. Reusable BPA-free carbonating cartridges do the carbonating.

Soda lovers can choose from 25 delicious regular and diet soda flavors and an energy drink—without high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame. The flavors, which are among the best sodas we’ve ever tasted, are certified kosher by OU.

How great is a SodaStream soda maker?

Just about everyone who has passed through THE NIBBLE has purchased one and can’t do without it!

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