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TIP OF THE DAY: Brew Your Iced Tea

In the cool weather we drink hot tea all day. In the warm weather, we’ve been drinking eight or so bottles of iced tea daily.

A key difference: Hot tea doesn’t create landfill; bottled iced tea does.

So as much as we love certain bottled teas and still enjoy them, we’ve been focusing on brewing our own.

First, the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker, our new favorite appliance, makes it a snap. This machine is so much fun—and produces such good results—we can’t say enough about it.

Second, we can brew a different type of tea each time (which in our case is two brewings a day): Earl Grey, jasmine tea (perhaps our favorite iced tea), green tea and whatever comes our way. Peach iced tea and blackberry iced tea were two recent brewings.

Home-brewing top-quality tea results in such a delicious drink that no sugar is needed. While lemon or lime adds calorie-free antioxidants, they’re not needed for flavor.

Spare the landfill: brew your own!
Photo by Spanish Alex | Dreamstime.

Try it—and if you pick up a Breville One-Touch Tea Maker along the way, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not inexpensive, but it is so, so worth it!


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