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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Dough Raise Me Cookies & Brownies

People who love delicious brownies and fine renditions of classic cookies can thank Necessity for the existence of Dough Raise Me.

Necessity was the mother of invention for Erin Saltsman’s bakery. Seven years ago, with her steady job at risk, Erin did more than think about starting her own business: She found her first account and started Dough Raise Me. (In fact, the business raises her at 1:30 every morning.)

The small artisan bakery uses all-natural ingredients, superior chocolate and the freshest butter and cream. There’s a conventional line and an organic line. Satisfaction is just a click away online for those needing treats or gifts.

You must order the buttery chocolate sablés:* They’re the perfect chocolate cookie for a sophisticated palate. The Parisian Chocolate Sablé combines midnight dark cocoa and bittersweet chocolate topped with a light sprinkling of fleur de sel. The organic series features the Aztec Sablé: guajillo chilies and Taza’s guajillo chili chocolate (great stuff!) add the perfect amount of heat. These sablés are irresistible; you’d better order more than one little bag. After that, we can pretty much recommend anything.



Conventional and organic brownies and
cookies from Dough Raise Me make life sweeter. Photo by Katharine Pollak |

Read the full review—and perhaps send some sablés to Grandmother for Mother’s Day. Erin learned the joy of baking from her Grandmother McWilliam, who baked the family a pie every day from scratch. (And that explains why we like to bake, too. Thanks, Nana.) Happy Mother’s Day to all moms—especially those who don’t know how to turn on the oven. There’s still time!

*A sablé is a type of shortbread, a round butter cookie. It originated in Caen, a town in the French province of Normandy. Sablés are refrigerator cookies: like shortbread, the dough is refrigerated in logs until it becomes hard. It is then sliced into rounds and baked (see the different types of cookies). Sablés are also known as Breton Biscuits. Sablé is the French word for sand; it refers to the crumbly texture of the cookie. They are made with vanilla extract but can be enhanced with just about any cookie flavor. Popular additions include almonds, citrus zest, coconut and cocoa. For the holidays, the edges can be rolled in red and green sanding sugar.


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