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TIP OF THE DAY: Butter Bargains

Butter is expensive because it takes about 21 pounds (2.4 gallons) of milk to make a pound of it. But good butter is essential for the best-tasting sauces and baked goods.

Want to pay less for butter?

Here are tips to save money on butter, from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board:

1) Buy butter when it’s on sale and keep it in the freezer, especially in advance of holidays.

2) Butter can be frozen in its original container for up to four months at 20° to 30°F, or up to one year at -10°F if you have a commercial freezer. (Freezing for longer periods of time may affect the flavor and texture.)

3) To protect the butter, wrap the carton in aluminum foil or in an airtight plastic freezer bag prior to freezing. To thaw the butter, place unopened cartons or sticks in the refrigerator. Once butter is thawed, it should be used within 30 days.



Photo courtesy Vermont Dairy.


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