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GIFTS: Bacon-Flavored Envelopes


Lick the envelope—it tastes like bacon. Photo
by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

Here’s a stocking stuffer that qualifies as unique: envelopes that look and taste like bacon.

From J&D’s, the folks who brought you Bacon Salt, here are envelopes that anyone will want to lick. J&D’s Bacon-Flavored Mmmvelopes not only taste like bacon, they can be enjoyed by those who are halal and kosher. All of J&D’s products are vegetarian and K-OF K kosher certified.

The envelopes have a pork belly design on both sides. Under the flap are the words, “Everything Should Taste Like Bacon.”

Well, not everything, guys. There’s still ice cream, cake, cookies, chocolate (with or without bacon), peanut butter, brioche, fries, onion rings, crab cakes, sushi, guacamole (add your own favorites here __________), and every great food that isn’t bacon.

  • Get your Mmmvelopes at
  • The Bacon Boys from J&D’s have a contest going. Submit your own recipe using any J&D’s product, or recipes using real bacon, by December 15th. You could win a J&D’s Everything Pack that includes one of everything they make. Go to the Recipes Section on J&D’s website and use the Submit Your Own Recipe; all submissions will be judged for the prize.
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