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PRODUCT: Progresso’s New High Fiber Soups


The new high fiber soup family from
Progresso. Photo by Erika Meller |

Just in time for the chilly weather, Progresso has released its new High Fiber Soups to warm you up while helping you with your daily fiber intake. Each of the four varieties contributes 28% of your daily value of fiber (7g/serving), with no artificial flavors or MSG. It’s a painless way to add fiber to your diet.

  • Chicken Tuscany with lots of Great Northern Beans, was a favorite, enhanced with a dash of sea salt and some fresh sage from our window plant.
  • Chicken Vegetable, possibly the most popular flavor of the group for most consumers, didn’t ring our bell as much. The broth tasted strongly of the green beans in the soup.
  • Creamy Tomato Basil was sweet and comforting, but we have to give it the thumbs down because the sweetness came from added sugar. If you don’t mind sugar added to your savory foods, it’s very appealing, but we think that the practice has contributed to America’s obesity and diabetes woes. It’s one of the things we keep an eye out for when we buy packaged foods.
  • Homestyle Minestrone was also “Nibble-ized” with a spoonful of fresh-ground Parmesan cheese that we keep in the freezer for exactly this purpose. (if it’s ground very fine by the store—not shredded—it freezes well).
The pull-top cans are convenient for work lunches with microwaves; just transfer the contents into a mug. Learn more at


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