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NEW PRODUCT: Adult-Flavored Lollipops

Yearning for a lollipop, but saddled with a sophisticated palate? Katie Das understands. Maker of Das Caramelini fabulously flavored salt caramels (a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week), Katie has put her flavor skills to work on suckers. Now appearing at the end of a stick are:

  • Caramel Me Happy (Salty Caramel). Inspired by the magnificent Das Caramelini lavender salt caramel, this lollipop is made with caramelized cane sugar, real lavender extract and tiny crystals of Fleur de Sel sea salt. A sweet, salty and superb sucker.
  • Fab-O-Pom (Blood Orange & Pomegranate). A sweet and tangy fusion of real pomegranate extract and fragrant orange oil with tiny bits of orange zest.
  • Man Bait (Maple Syrup & Bacon). Yes, there are real, smoky bacon bits in this one, and the flavor is truly a smoky bacon lollipop, sweetened with maple syrup.

The bacon lollipop, “Man Bait,” has real bits
of bacon and is sweetened with real maple syrup.

  • Naughty Ginger (Ginger & Lemon). Sweet, tangy and spicy, bits of candied ginger are complemented by puckery lemon. One extra benefit: ginger can help soothe an upset stomach. Buy a bunch for your favorite mom-to-be!

And what better time to order a batch than today, National Lollipop Day? The lollys are available in single flavors or an assortment at

The lollipops are all natural, made with fruit, herb and spice extracts, no corn syrup. Each .3-ounce lollipop is 30 calories and 50 cents.

  • More Lovely Lollipops: Try delicious organic lollipops for the kiddies, hard candies for the grownups. Read our review of organic lollipop pioneer Yummy Earth.
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