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CONTEST: So You Think You Can Bake


This cake is an homage to the tee called “We were tomatoes.”

This contest should be called, “So you think you can decorate cakes.” And don’t let the professional-quality entries, like the one in the photo at the left, stop you from having a good time. No matter what your cake decorating skills, you have the unalienable right to enter this contest (as long as you follow the rules), to have a good time doing it, and to invite your friends and family to eat your entry.

Let’s start at the beginning. is an online tee shirt community that sells hip tees designed by community members. Anyone who signs up for the community can submit a design and/or vote on other people’s designs. The most popular designs are turned into the tees that are for sale on the site. “Winners” get cash, a gift certificate and more cash each time their design gets reprinted. Cool.

Just as cool, someone got the idea of letting cake makers in on the fun. This inspired Threadcakes, a contest where members of the [theoretical] “so you think you can bake” community select a tee shirt design of their choice from the Threadless site and interpret it as a cake. Take a look and enter.

If you can’t design cakes, you can have a great time looking at the submissions in the photo gallery. If you want to enter, start baking: The contest closes on August 3rd.

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