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TOP PICK: Daphne Baking Company

This raspberry tart in a chocolate crust could be in your freezer, ready to serve in 15 minutes. All you need to do is add some whipped cream, mascarpone, fresh raspberries or a few chocolate curls.
Sometimes a cookie or slice of cake won’t do: You simply pine for a great tart. You wish you could transport yourself to the pâtisseries of Paris, the best tea rooms of London or that little bakery where you enjoyed so many memorable nibbles. You think that if you only had the time, you’d pick up some of the best butter and a fresh sack of flour from a great mill, drag out the rolling pin and tart tins and fill those crusts with—oh, where shall we start? Chocolate? Lemon? Macadamia? Passionfruit? Pumpkin? Raspberry?

Yearn no more, foodie friends: Daphne has anticipated your needs; all of these tarts can be in your freezer tomorrow. And what lovely tarts they are! All natural and made from top ingredients; just thaw and serve, plain or with a selection of traditional toppings like whipped cream, or with creative garnishes (suggested on the box). You can feast alone or dazzle guests, send memorable gifts or enjoy indulgent snacks for two (each box contains two 3.5-inch-diameter tarts). You can also buy the delicious, buttery tart shells unfilled, and add your own favorite filling.

The tarts are not just tasty but beautifully packaged. Mom won’t complain that you didn’t take the time to bake personally, should a shipment arrive for Mother’s Day. Read the full review, and send your Queen of Hearts these Queens of Tarts.

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