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CONTEST: Spice It Up

Most people don’t realize they should throw away their spices regularly. Others hate to throw things away on principle. But McCormick, the largest spice company in the world, is offering a spice check challenge. First, you can test the age of any McCormick product on their website, Just enter the code on the bottom of the bottle and it will tell you if your spice is still good. (CAVEAT: Just because the date is still good is not an absolute. If you’ve “abused” your spice—kept it in sunlight or next to a heat source, for example—it can fade much more quickly. Read our article on keeping your herbs and spices fresh.) While you’re on the McCormick website, you can enter their daily drawing to win a fresh set of spices. A new winner will be chosen every day through December 31, 2007.   Cinnamon Sticks
Whole spices will last three to four years but ground herbs like oregano and basil may fade after just one year.
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