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NEW ARTICLE: Frey Chocolate

Frey Chocolate
We had to eat it all for the review. Photo by Dhanraj Emanuel.
  Quick: What‘s the number-one selling chocolate in Switzerland? Here’s a hint: It isn’t Lindt! (But you can read our review of Lindt Chocolate, which includes some of the finest chocolate bars made.) Since you read the title of this post, we can’t put the wool over your eyes. But who, you ask is Frey (rhymes with sleigh)? The Frey brothers opened shop in 1887, just 12 years after fellow Swiss Daniel Peter created the first successful milk chocolate (using neighbor Henri Nestlé’s condensed milk invention) and eight years after Swiss Rodolph Lindt invented conching, the process that creates the smooth, silky chocolate we know today. Now, Frey wants a bite of the American market. So, savvy businessfolk, they honed in on America’s favorite retailer and are now available in all Target stores. A big, 3.5-ounce bar is just $1.99—and it’s not just Swiss milk chocolate. THE NIBBLE’s chocolate specialist, Peter Rot, takes on the extreme bars—13 flavors, including White Chocolate with Rhubarb & Aloe Vera, Milk Chocolate Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate with Hot Chilli Pepper. There’s nothing boring about Swiss chocolate. Read the full review of Frey Chocolate.
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