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VALENTINE CANDY: Gourmet Chocolate Love Bugs

Valentine’s chocolate can mean more than heart-shaped pieces. One of our favorite chocolatiers, John & Kira’s, enables you to express your affection with a “Bee My Lovebug” collection.

The exquisite-tasting, hand-painted love bugs (ladybugs) and bee chocolates will delight the most demanding chocophile.

  • Honey Caramel Bees are filed with exquisite salted caramel, with a touched of basswood honey from family-owned Draper’s Apiary (all of John & Kiras’s chocolates use ingredients from local family farms).
  • Love Bugs are filled with a silky ganache: fresh cream, fine chocolate and a touch of sugar.
    Both lovebugs and bees are made with Valrhona 64% cacao chocolate. They arrive beautifully packaged in a reusable red boutique box finished with an old-fashioned letter-pressed card.


    Give your loved one some chocolate love bugs for Valentine’s Day. Photo courtesy


    Treat your Valentine to:

  • A 9-piece box of lovebugs, $29.00.
  • A 15-piece box of the company’s award-winning ganache-filled bonbons, plus bees and lovebugs, $49.50.
  • A 16-piece Love Tower box includes the Ladybug Medley (with mint and raspberry, and honey-lavender ganaches) and a 9-piece Red Ladybug box, $69.50.
    Everything made by John & Kira’s is top-drawer delicious, beautifully crafted and a very special treat.



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